Aspirations, an annual literary/visual arts magazine published by Mercer County Community College for more than 20 years, cultivates the talents of area high school students and allows them to share their work with the community. Each year the college invites local high schools to participate in a competition from which the very best in original art and writing is chosen for publication. Each spring, when Aspirations is published, the college hosts a recognition program to acknowledge the contributors and their brilliance.

  • Each student may enter up to three works total. This means that if you submitted one visual art entry, you are welcome submit two literary art pieces. 
  • In addition to poems and short stories, you are encouraged to submit creative non-fiction. No research papers, please. 
  • Each entry MUST be ONE piece of art: ONE poem or ONE creative non-fiction piece. Do not include two poems as one submission. 
  • Each submission title MUST be the title of the piece submitted. For example, if your poem is titled "Sunset in Manhattan," then the title of your submission should be "Sunset in Manhattan."  
  • Your name should not appear in/on the submission.
  • Entries must be supplied as Microsoft Word documents.
  • The maximum word count for each piece is 750. Entries should be double-spaced in a plain, easy-to-read font such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Each student must complete a Student Profile, including a brief (two or three sentences) biographical sketch, to be submitted with the Online Submission Form. The profile should be written in third person. Instead of "I like writing" you might write "Sarah Smith likes writing."  If you plan on submitting more than one piece, you may want to copy/paste your biographical sketch so that you have it handy for each submission.